We provide top-notch IT services, multi-channel marketing, mobile application development, customer relationship management and consultancy solutions to businesses and organizations from around the world. Our clients may vary from diverse fields ranging from healthcare industry professionals to e-commerce businesses and software developers; yet they all have one thing in common: they will all attest to the quality, efficiency and devotion...

We see ourselves as digital enablers who ease up and shorten your route to reaching the top of your industry. Experience, skill and thorough business analysis are major components leveraged for achieving this. We pride ourselves on having assembled a talented team with the right blend of skills. As a result, we are fully capable of meeting every digital marketing need.

We attribute our success to our approach of preferring positive, long-term relationships with our customers in the form of continued support and care even after our contracts have been fulfilled.

We're proud to introduce the dedicated small team that builds our big products, supports our customers, and works hard to re-invent the way business owners use technology to run their business.

In addition to expertise ranging from website design & development, mobile application development, multi-channel marketing, consultancy, to human capital management, many of Workflow Hub team members share another important quality: we've been small business owners, freelancers, contractors and consultants ourselves.

Business Consultancy

Talk to our experienced digital marketing experts to get an in-depth view on market, trends and opportunities and to help you achieve your business goals.

Round The Clock Support

We care for our clients. That’s why our dedicated team is always there to provide 24/7 support.

Only The Best Services

Our huge clientele and success stories speak about the enthusiasm and dedication that our team puts to provide the best results to our prestigious clients.


Workflow Hub has team of talented individuals striving together to excel in the achievement of our collective goals.

Yasir Ahfaz

Head Of Consultancy

Having a “client-centered” attitude and being a senior resource, Yasir leads our consultancy team and is directly responsible for dozens of successful projects and satisfied clients, including fortune 500 brands.

Taha Ali Adil

Head Of Technology

Taha joined the Workflow Hub as the company’s “Technology Head” and has nearly a decade of experience in the industry of information technology.

Syed Fuzail Islam

Infrastructure / Product Manager

Managing our in-house projects as well as our network team, Fuzail is instrumental in making Workflow Hub what it is today, a dependable and expansive IT enterprise through his exceptional workmanship.

Syed Sheraz Hussain Zaidi

Assistant Manager - HR

A self-motivated and driven Human Resource Professional, having more than 5 years of experience. Sheraz has an astonishing ability to achieve immediate, long-term goals and meet operational deadlines. He is highly focused and result oriented able to identify goals and priorities and resolve issues in initial stages.

Kashif Qaiyum

Sr.Front-End Developer

Kashif Qayyum is a familiar name in the company and in the local front-end scene. What makes him a cut above the rest is experience, his award-winning designs and his ability to meet even the toughest deadlines.

Faisal Jumani

Sr.UI/UX Designer & Developer

Always joyful, Faisal is one of the earliest members to show faith the company and its projects. His 15 years of experience in the field not only set him apart, they also fully back his potential as a master designer.

Khawar Malik

Software Developer

Khawar is known across the departments as one of the most talented resources of the company. Armed with a learning attitude and determination to work, Khawar is pivotal in tasks ranging from development to testing and maintenance.

Noor Muhammad

Front-End Developer

Part of front-end industry for 3 years, Noor has been a valuable asset for WFH bringing various elements to the table, including solutions to UI/UX issues, debugging, front-end frameworks and his immeasurable experience with HTML5, CCS3, Photoshop and others.

Waqas Jamal

PHP Developer

Waqas is another welcome entry in our team and has more than a year of professional experience in the area of back-end development. His dedication to get things done is what gives him the added edge in back-end development.

Asif Ali

PHP Developer

Having more than 2 years of professional experience and a thorough grasp over WordPress, HTML, Agnular JS, Amazon and whatnot, Asif serves Workflow Hub as our key developer.

Adnan Muhammad Afzal

Junior Web Developer

Adnan has one of the sharpest minds in the team and has learned a lot about development in the past two years. His workmanship and his excellent approach towards teamwork has made him an exceptional resource.

Aleem Akram

Software Quality Assurance

Aleem has 3 years of experience and tons of knowledge about product testing, software QA and in Web base, Mobile & Desktop base Applications. He currently serves WFH as our expert Software Quality Assurance.

Syed Waqas Saghir

Digital Marketing Lead

Meet Syed Waqas Saghir, a digital marketing extraordinaire having 8 years' experience in project and brand management, SEO, and specialization in e-commerce B2B/B2C SEO, SMM, SMO, product development, and key account management.

Usama Bin Tahir

Market Research Analyst

Friendly and determined, Usama is an integral part of our digital marketing team and is responsible for numerous tasks including research, analysis, lead hunting, reporting and more.

Mahnoor Fatima

Content Marketing Coordinator

Excelling in digital marketing for half a decade, Mahnoor has experience that encompasses all areas of content marketing, SEO and SEM and has been an invaluable addition to the roster.

Manzar Mashood

Marketing Executive

Manzar is one of our multi-talented stars and is a Hubspot certified inbound and email marketer who is passionate about writing, marketing automation, and coffee. He also has a never-ending craving for learning and implementation of his learnings. At Workflow Hub, Manzar’s role is twofold as a developer and a marketer and a project manager.

Saad Alam

SQA Engineer and QA

Saad was previously an SQA Engineer in Agilosoft and boasts almost a year of experience in SQA and testing of web applications. Moreover, Saad has also done requirement analysis of web applications. Here, Saad is proudly serving as an SQA Engineer for Salesforce platform and as a Quality Assurance expert for email campaigns.

Muhammad Ibrahim

Salesforce Developer

A part of Babar’s team, Ibrahim has been a part of Team Workflow Hub for quite some time now. He’s been a resourceful addition to our team in terms of competency and work. Doesn’t matter if it’s his team or any other, where there is need, Ibrahim is always there to save the day.

Tahir Javed

Sr. Salesforce Business Analyst

Tahir is CRM Solutions and business process architect who, though, has joined us a short while ago, but his problem-solving, project management and end-to-end implementation skills have made him one of the best assets in the world of business analysis and customer relations.

Humam Khan

Jr. Salesforce Developer

Being a fresh degree holder from one of the most prestigious institutes in Pakistan, Humam Khan is asset our Salesforce team takes pride to own. His excellence in education and the desire to learn more than makes up for his lack of experience.

Syed Ahmed Zaki

Jr. Salesforce Developer

Apex, MVC Pattern, JavaScript, JQuery C#, .net, Zaki know all. Zaki has two years of experience and is a recent addition in Workflow Hub family but has already proven himself to be a valuable asset in such a short time.

Sagar Bajaj

Jr. Salesforce Developer

Sagar is our Junior Sales Development resource with loads of knowledge and firsthand skills in Salesforce development. Being a part of Workflow Hub for nearly 6 months now, Bajaj is our next Babar Nasim and Fasih Uddin.

Haseeb Ullah Khan

Front-End Developer

Serving half a decade in some of the best organizations around, Haseeb is now a part of Team WFH. His efforts are visible in his quality of work and his problem solving capabilities are evident through his experience.

Owais Ahmed

Front-End Developer

WFH believes in the years of front-end experience Owais brings to the game and his knowledge and skills in creative working, designing and development. From WordPress to HTML5 to CSS to Twitter Bootstrap and Parallax Web Development, Owais can make anything look easy.

Sohail Sarwar

UI/UX Designer

Sohail is an essential part of our UX team. From a junior resource at a starter company, Sohail has progressed a lot in 8 years and now has tons of experience to display. Skilled at various software and languages, Sohail is a resource you just cannot leave out of the equation.

Salman Jameel

Data Steward

Data and numbers are our backbone. That is why we have only the best to handle data. Enter Salman. Responsible for the management and fitness of data elements – both at content and metadata level – he’s been expertly handling all the data responsibilities for more than 2 years now.