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What purpose does the basic web development package serve?

The Basic Web Solution is creatively designed for companies which are either taking their first step into e-business world or want to use website just for excellent representation only. It is quick to launch, and easy to operate while at the same time provide credible representation of your company online.

What elements, features and services we offer in this package?


  • Domain name registration
  • Web and hosting servers

Your Online website

  • Elegant & related homepage
  • Your business Profile
  • Your products and services
  • Inquiry Forms
  • Other Elements such as Banners, Images, Videos, attractive menus etc

Your Custom Pages

Upto 10 Custom pages other than the standard pages which are important to your business. Just to say some companies go for custom pages related to their Customers, Partners, Social Events, Vision and Mission, Our Team, Our Achievements

Search Engine Optimization

  • Implementing SEO friendly code structures
  • Implementing SEO Friendly url structures
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Webmaster Integration
  • Google Site Map Submission
  • Google index Submission

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system from you can manage your website content (text, images, videos). This can be any third party CMS or out own custom build CMS

Other Value Additions

  • Blog for customer and community interaction
  • Basic Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Compatible for mobile users
  • Newsletter Subscription

What outcomes you expect from basic web development package?

Outcomes are very important for business and this is the reason we believe and ensure clear and beneficial outcomes. Let me brief how our outcomes serve you better than any other solution provider:

Online Website:

The first and most important outcome is your elegant, creative and state of the art website with all stand features. You would love to use it, as it is highly effective for search engines

Time Accuracy:

We spent much time in understanding your business need so that we never drag or lag your project once near to timeline. With us, you will always get your accurate requirements crafted into a website within the lease communicated time. This is because we believe every business have future dependant plans on the completion of a website

Research and Expertise:

We do not build structures, but we always focus on building a meaningful product. This is why, unlike other providers, we always put our research and expertise in your project so that we can rectify business model issues, add up current trends and standards and can add up creativity and innovation

The Brand:

We just do not complete and hand over you the website, but our marketing and promotion addons helps you get the initial market boost aswell. Setting up your social presence, running initial campaigns and other promotional activities helps you get the initial response of your products. This makes sure that we’re not gone when you need to make changes based on customer feedback

What is the cost and how much time it would take?

The Price Range of Basic Web Development Package is between USD 300 to USD 400 depending upon the requirements. With more customizations and feature additions, the price range may go up the defined ranges.

The deployment time of Basic Web Development Solution is approximately ten business days. This includes all revisions based on your feedback. However, additional requirements may take up extra time depending upon the need.


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