It's about customer loyalty.

The industry's migration towards a better alternative is a never-ending struggle. The idea though, remains the same - convenience, flexibility and satisfaction. And that is why Salesforce is CRM we trust.

Since user-adoption and convenience are our priorities, we're more than glad to say Salesforce is the CRM of our choice.

And that is why we have a highly qualified, highly experienced and a highly competent team with expertise in every aspect of Salesforce planning, implementation and integration. Some of the services we are known for, include:

Salesforce Consulting services

Workflow Hub understands Salesforce can do so much more. And that is why we do more than just implementation. We go a mile beyond traditional course and offer Salesforce consulting which blends expert analysis with technical background via Apex and Visualforce.

Salesforce Development & Integration services

The team believes in delivering its best and for that, the team gives special importance to the best practices including version control, continuous integration, and development standards.

Some of the elements we’re known for include



Process Builder


Web Services

AppExchange Development:

Having worked with numerous clients on their AppExchange application development over the years, we proudly claim to have oodles of experience and expertise in the submission and security review processes. That is what make us stand out in guiding our clients on how to craft solutions for the AppExchange along with regular tweaking for continuous improvements.

CRM Outsourcing

When you've got too much things on your plate, execution and management become anything but flawless. There comes a time when it's best to outsource the job to the dedicated professionals instead of continuing with that "Jack of all" philosophy. If that time is upon you, we're here to gladly take it from that point and manage your entire Salesforce support operations. If you need a dedicated resource for the job, we also provide resource outsourcing services.

Our Delivery Model

We're ready to begin when you are; we offer 360 degrees solution from planning till CRM phase and beyond; and, you get progress reports through a manager who makes sure everything progresses nicely and smoothly.


In order to enhance your business performance and keep your customers delighted, you need to ensure that you have selected the best CRM for your company. Salesforce is world's #1 CRM solution that can be tailored according to your business needs. Our experts analyze and evaluate every single detail of your business and come up with the best plan to meet all your requirements.


Once we understand your long term goals and processes, our salesforce experts use different tools and provide necessary training that helps you to manage your business easily. We design custom apps that are important for your business at many stages, for instance, data migration, data cleaning, creating complex workflows and profile management.


Our team consists of passionate designers and developers who are certified in salesforce custom development and integration. We provide tailor made solution to our clients so they can focus on their business revenue and leave the rest on us.


Once we are ready with the altered solution, we deploy and check each element on Salesforce CRM. Our focus is to drive maximum results to our clients and with quality service and on-time delivery.


Our business model aims to provide cost effective salesforce development and integration services to our clients. And to keep our clients delighted, we provide them ongoing support and consultation. Our work doesn't end when we deliver you our services, it actually begins when we provide you constant support once after we deliver you our services.

We craft unique and cleanly designed, meticulously developed, content-rich websites that function on the desktop first and are compatible with every mobile device out there. Once we understand your business and goals, we create a user experience that helps your customers solve their pains and ensures that they keep coming back for more services & solutions.

We believe that design must be clean, unique & custom based. Our team works together to ensure that the visual hierarchy of your design sets a consistent tone driven through calls-to-action. If the customer experience won’t be considered, your website won't be solving the problem.

We build responsive websites with clean standardized codes. We also strive to be on top of the industry best practices with respect to HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery. We also give empowerment to our clients to tweak, edit or modify their content. That's why, we build your site following the latest web technologies with a strapping & capable CMS.

Having a winning "Mobile" strategy can be a real decisive factor in the success of your digital enterprise. We deploy our technological expertise to develop mobile applications to accentuate your digital presence and leverage our marketing prowess to maximize your reach to audiences on the move.

We build and integrate a fully functional and customizable e-commerce store with an account manager to handle all your processes in a timely manner, so that your earnings will be set to increase. Depending on your business requirement, we help you choose the framework for your operations whether it’s an industry standard module or a customized solution tailored to fit your needs.

You can have a fully customizable e-commerce system integrated with your website, which will allow your customers to make purchases at your website in a convenient and speedy manner. You will have a payment gateway integrated with your online store that will allow your customers to make a choice from a wide array of products and services.

Digital is the new king of information consumption. Our experts identify the key trends and indicators that will propel your business to digital stardom. From organic search to multichannel promotion, we craft a roadmap for promoting a business by tapping into the potential of the product and connecting the consumer with the offering.

The business dynamic of the 21st century is not "listening" but "conversing". Social media is the true heartbeat of the digital world and offers businesses a massive platform to engage with audiences of all denominations. Our social media offerings cover everything from planning and initiation to moderation of your social platforms.

Social Media Marketing

The business dynamic of the 21st century is not ‘listening’ but ‘conversing’. Social media is the true heartbeat of the digital world and offers businesses a unique mass platform to engage with audiences of all denominations. Our social media offerings cover everything from planning and initiation to moderation of your social platforms.

Search Engine Marketing

Off-Page SEO services will boost your rankings. Our white-hat techniques are transparent and build your stature through careful keyword usage and postings, as recommended by search engine algorithm updates.

We ensure that you have a presence driven adequately by a multitude of safe techniques and web properties that will become great assets for you in the long run. These web properties will continue to drive traffic to your website and make your success more sustainable.

Our experienced team aims to deliver the most favorable results in the shortest possible span of time. They dedicate an immense amount of time and energy towards ensuring that your off-page SEO campaign emerges as one of the main sources of your digital ranking.

Content Writing

In the world of digital media "content is king", and we produce content that speaks volumes of your products and services in the shape of web copy, blog write-ups, emails and much more. Our content team comprises of web content experts capable of producing high quality, conversion-oriented content on almost anything.

Take advantage of our wide experience in producing search engine-friendly and customer-oriented content. Our techniques are up-to-date with the latest algorithm requirements, and we make sure we produce content that engages your users.

The quantity you want to produce has no limit as content requirements are a part of most aspects of digital marketing. Our team is eager to take care of a wide-ranging approach that will accommodate every aspect of your digital marketing. Your whole digital marketing today pivots on content, and we make sure you have the right blend of content to promote your brand.

SEO Based Writing

With the Inevitable growth of the internet is introducing so many new and easier ways to market and advertise including expert writing strategies to build your web audience. Most businesses now primarily depend on the internet to interact with their clients. This process has further been modified by the use of SEO writing services. These services are being offered by various companies. So, in order to make your website popular and bring it up to get heavy traffic, you need to acquire the services of an expert SEO writing company that will help you reach your target market with original and attractive content supported by excellent onsite optimization and link building. That can help make your website - search engine friendly! Workflow Hub is a staunch believer of quality SEO development and presenting good content will surely increase brand loyalty.

Blog Writing

Getting fresh and interesting content for your blog on daily basis is what Workflow Hub takes pride in. To maintain customer and visitor attention, our writers provide original and attractive content that's more than interactive! The result is increased business' credibility! Besides the writing expertise of our writers, they are careful as well because they are well-aware about the authenticity of the information in their content. So whenever you are in need of a blog writing service always remember Workflow Hub as we really deliver quality!

Content Writing Services

Hire us to write for you! Workflow Hub offers content development for your website. Original, high quality and well-organized content that's most suitable for your website no matter what the topic is about. Having the right kind of content for the product or service you need to market on your website will certainly have a lasting impact on your visitor who can easily be converted to a valuable customer. Quality content can also be the foundation stone for a strong business relationship and a significant rise to your customer base.

Absolute creativity! We believe that graphic design is the art of effectively communicating expression through text design, image-design and color selection which creates the impression that speaks for itself! For the expert, even a dot or an extra line can make a difference. We understand all these intricacies perfectly so that you are always in a better position to serve your clients confidently and grow as a bigger organization. Our graphic design services are unrivalled and easy to order!

Theme Designing

Your clear choice. Workflow Hub provides up-market quality theme designing with the most competitive rates. We are experts in all aspects of website design. We take up all kinds of uphill website related tasks and even existing WordPress templates delivering complete revamped WordPress templates. Our web designers can create fantastic designs. We always provide a range of designs for you so that you can easily choose from those options, and that's how we will turn your preferred choice into a beautiful WordPress website! All changes can be easily incorporated whenever required!

Corporate Profile Designing

The eye-catching factor corporate profile designing entails a complete checklist of a host of elements that have to be enhanced in order to attract maximum attention of clients. Starting from a website demonstrating a perfect corporate identity will doubtlessly depict the first impression of corporate profile designing. Workflow Hub corporate designers bring the very best in corporate logos, business cards, letter-heads, stationery items and the likes. We believe that a stronger corporate profile establishes presence smartly building brand identity and enhancing brand elegance with trustworthy business destined for success!

Marketing Collateral

Impressive marketing designs with good presentation, graphics and photographs, we always consider the significance of quality content as all these put together develop the complete marketing collateral. Product catalogues, brochures, data sheets or even pamphlets are all important advertising tools that help form the impression of the organization. We take care of all that goes into perfectly prepared marketing collateral and we are single-minded about quality. We painstakingly strive to produce the highest quality marketing collateral for all of our customers.

E-Book Designing

We take pride in offering our modern, state-of-the-art and exquisite quality e-book designing services. Our e-book designers are all experienced and talented making them thorough experts in everything about e-book designs. We offer a complete range of services for e-book designing. E-book Classic is our most common e-book design offering having a (pdf) format. We also provide e-book cover designing, formatting books and converting e-books from one format to the other. Let us know about all your e-book requirements and give us the opportunity to serve you and help you in achieving your desired expectations

Stationary Designing

The perfect endorsement stationary design comes as a first at Workflow Hub! You name it and we’ve got it all from business cards, card holders, letterheads, compliment slips, calculators, magnets, pens, pencils, markers/highlighters, corporate bags and innovative specialty items that add creativity and innovation to your entire range of stationary. Modern and unique stationary design comes with utmost customer satisfaction.

Brochure Designing

Delivering quality presentation is our key motive. Designing a quality brochure plays an important role in branding and enhancement of corporate image building. Brochures have to communicate impressively and effectively to be the perfect marketing tool. Attention to detail is the key aspect of quality brochure designs and helps create awareness and provides valuable information to target the right audience. Not having a corporate brochure can affect the company's marketing strategy to a great extent as products or services offered by the company will have less or no projection and thus will not generate revenue as per the expectations.

A range of executive solutions for businesses facing the challenge of intense competition to allows businesses to focus on broader organizational issues while having operational details and IT support functions taken care of by expert consulting professionals.

HR Consultancy Adds Value to Your Human Capital. It's Time to Hire Leaders, Not Followers...

Executive placements represent a great emotional and financial investment for businesses. With our industry experience and outreach, we are able to identify approach and recruit talent that is the right fit for your requirements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We implement advanced systems for managing your customers' data. With our record-keeping system, you have convenient access to your customers' data at your fingertips.

Everything will be easily accessible and at your fingertips. This allows you to manage your relationship with your customers easily. Whenever you need to unearth a particular customer's information, you can have it done literally in seconds.

When you have hundreds and possibly thousands of customers, you need a system that will help you access each one's records accurately. This is exactly what we give you so even when you have your customer on the phone, you can bring up his or her customer records. Your customers will be pleased to know that you have their records in place even though they may be approaching you after more than a year.

Workflow Hub's Learning & Development Center has a team of professionally qualified and certified instructors who impart training. We offer specialized IT courses with hands-on training sessions in a classroom environment that's followed by intensive studies to discuss skill implementation. In addition, tests and certification exams are also available to prove your competency level. Apart from our specialized and certified IT courses, we also offer multiple types of training courses related to management skills, work and personal grooming through our qualified trainers.

Professional Courses:

SEO Professional Course

Technical Courses

Certification in Ruby on Rails Development

Certification in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Adobe Dreamweaver

Certification in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator

Certification in PHP, MySQL and WordPress

Salesforce Certificate Preparation Course

Marketo & PMP Preparation Course

General Courses To Enhance Your Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, And Problem-Solving Skills:

Effective business communication skills

Leadership skills

Time management

Designing effective presentations

Designing effective compensation & benefits system

Payroll management & preparation system

Advanced Excel & dashboard reporting

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